My Financial Goals for 2021 Q1

Recently I read a great post on The Poor Swiss about goal setting. This motivated me to take action and write down my own financial goals for 2021. Initially I wanted to set myself goals for the entire year but I figured it would be better to have more timely goals. After all, a lot can happen in a year. So I decided to come up with goals for the first quarter of the year instead.

Starting My Journey Towards Financial Independence

In late 2020 I decided–for the first time in my life–to buy stocks. What kind of stocks? Biotech, more specifically BioNtech and Moderna, the companies who got the first and second emergency use authorization, respectively, for their Coronavirus vaccines in the US and Switzerland. My goal was clear: profit from the dramatically rising stock prices of these companies and sell once they would get approval, making me a nice profit along the way.