About Me

Hi there, welcome to Expat Finance CH! My name is Tom and I started this blog to document my journey towards Financial Independence as an Expat living in Switzerland.

I’m originally from Germany and moved to Switzerland in autumn 2019 to start working for a pharmaceutical company based in Basel. I’m in my mid twenties and live together with my wife who’s originally from Japan, our two guinea pigs and two rabbits in a rental apartment somewhat near the city center.

Even before coming to Switzerland I knew that it was an expensive country to live in. However, once I got here I was shocked to see the prices for real. Rent, health insurance and groceries are just a few of those expenses that are much higher than they used to be back in Germany. Fortunately, the border is close so I still get to enjoy the German grocery prices (well, at least if the border is not closed due to another Covid lockdown).

In late 2020 I discovered the FIRE (Financial Independence Retire Early) movement and I was hooked! The idea of accumulating enough wealth to not have to work for money anymore was (and still is) fascinating. I’m serious about pursuing this goal which is why I decided to document my journey on this blog. I hope this will keep me motivated to push through, enable me to meet like-minded people and inspire and educate other Expats. Switzerland is an expensive country for sure but with the high wages you can earn here I do believe you have a great chance to achieve financial independence–if you are serious about it.